ARTéfacts ensemble was founded in 2007 in Athens, and made their debut in January 2008. The ensemble consists of 7 core members and constantly collaborates with a number of other musicians and a varied range of artists. The flexible structure of the ensemble and, mainly, the presence of a multimedia director within its basic core members offer various possibilities for a more fresh, approachable and rich presentation of the contemporary repertoire.

So far in their artistic career, the ARTéfacts ensemble has performed at the KOTH Underground Festival (Thessaloniki, 2012), the Athens Festival (2008) and the Porto Heli International Festival (2008), as well as in various venues in Athens including the Onassis Cultural Center, AN-ART Artistry, the Parnassos Literary Society, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, the Trianon Filmcenter, the 104 Center of Discourse and Art, the Center for Music Composition and Performance ABOUT, the Athens Center BIOS, the Hitirio Theater and the Embros Theater, presenting works of important composers from various contemporary music trends. In the rest of Greece, the ensemble has presented educational programmes at the Cultural Center of Krokees, the Cultural Center of Scala and the Kalamata Municipal Cultural Center.
It has also collaborated with the director Thomas Moschopoulos, the music theater company "The Beggars' Opera" and the composer Kharalampos Goyos.

Maurilio Cacciatore, Stathis Gyftakis and Kornilios Selamsis, the latter being a regular collaborator of the ensemble, have composed pieces exclusively for the ARTéfacts ensemble.